Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More Reasons to Get Involved!

As a previous student group member shares:
"While I have since ended up at an Academic Library in a position that I love, the time I spent working with the SLA Toronto Student Group was invaluable. I was fortunate enough to have had a great job working at one of U of T's libraries, but the SLA-TSG gave me the opportunity to gain experience in areas that I wasn't able to participate in at work. During my time in the group I was able to plan events and organize panel sessions for our student body, while also managing the group's Professional Profile series - all of which I do in some capacity in my current position.
I got the job I currently have through the traditional application-based method, but having had the opportunity to network is a skill that I'm really happy to have (although, I will admit I am no expert). It's been key to creating and maintaining relationships with the faculty I work with, my colleagues, and the departments I touch base with as well. It's also put me in touch with a lot of great people in the library world - having just entered the 'working wold,' their help and advice has been a lifesaver."
If you're a first year student looking to get involved next year, email slatsg@yahoo.ca!