Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why Get Involved?

If you've thought about getting involved with the SLA Student Group or the SLA Toronto Chapter but haven't yet- it's never too late!

The benefits of joining professional associations while a student are enormous: not only are the fees often lower, you also gain so many opportunities to meet current professionals working in the area, who are often an invaluable resource in your future job hunt. Moreover, professional associations keep you well connected and up-to-date about the ongoings of the profession in your local community. As one member from last year's student executive states: 

"The way that I found my current job was through more of a conventional application-based route. The networking emphasized throughout grad school wasn't as important in getting the job, but it certainly is important within the job and in expanding my contact base for the future. I learned a lot about networking by being involved in the SLA Student Chapter and gained a valuable group of contacts that I stay in touch with, some of whom work within my wider organization, and all of whom I can turn to for help. I continue to stay involved with SLA Toronto, volunteering for one of their committees, as well as attending their events. I find it to be a rewarding position that offers a different type of experience than I get at work. I've also found that it's valuable to maintain contact with fellow recent grads; while I navigate through work experiences post-school, it's been helpful to have others in a similar situation to talk to."
What better reasons could you need to get involved or join SLA today?! Particularly if you are a first year student, we would love to hear from you! Email to get in touch with the current executive about opportunities for the next school year!