Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SLA Toronto Chapter Events for Spring and Fall 2009

The SLA Toronto Chapter has announced a series of five professional development events to take place at the Faculty Club on the U of T campus (at 41 Wilcocks St., right by FI South). One of them, unfortunately, has already taken place. The rest seem pretty interesting. Definitely not your ordinary workshops.

I like this one particularly:

Self promotion, no cringe: Gaining visibility through giving

September 8th

Professional visibility is invaluable when it comes to pitching ourselves to employers.

How can we gain a reputation to precede us - without feeling awkward? Ulla describes how we can make ourselves known in the profession through activities focusing on delivering value to others.

Oh, and I love this one, too. Hello sartorial success:

Looking professional: Dressing up on a budget - with style consultant Wendy Buchanan

November 10th

Dressing to appear competent and authoritative need not cost a fortune. Come to learn the guidelines for "what not to wear" and see how simple means transform any outfit. Wendy Buchanan, a style and image consultant, demonstrates using real live SLA members as models.

See the rest on the SLA Toronto Events Page

Remember, all SLA Toronto events are free for students. Everyone else can pay by the event, which will cost $20 per for SLA members and $30 for non-members. No matter what your payment situation, remember to register for your events on the events page before showing up.