Tuesday, February 3, 2009

SLA Centennial Video Contest! 10k in prizes!

Information to Inspiration: Knowledge & Vision Shaping the Future.
Celebrating the Special Libraries Association Centennial, 1909-2009

The SLA Centennial Video Contest deadline of February 23rd is just a few weeks away, and while an Oscar may be in your dreams, $10,000 in prizes is pretty darn good (especially when you realize that there's $1,000 for a designated chapter AND division)!

So, if you are planning to submit a video, let the SLA know by e-mailing
this form:
tbmccollough AT gmail DOT com

Any SLA member, individually or as a group, can submit a video, so get your cameras rolling!

More information on the video contest is at
(contest timeline will be updated very soon)
backup site:

Promotional Video on YouTube: